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    Naruto fanfic-MadaIta

    ok, tai cia truputis yaoi, manau, kad niekam nepakenks, he he....pirma chapteri numesiu cia, o i tolimesnius - linkus i DA. kai kurie yra pacenzorinti, todel, jei neturit DA account jums gali ju neatidaryt, tai tiesipg parasykit it juos irgi pakopinciu cia. jei kazkam nepatinka yaoi, tai bukit geri tiesiog neskaityki, aciu uz demesi ir lauksim atsiliepimu. beje, tatai ganetinai multi pairing story, bet pagrindine pora yra madaraXitachi.

    "That's it"
    "Senju, please..."
    "No, Madara" Two 3d year students of ShinaMorio high school were standing in the main square in front of Scholl. One of them had long brown hair, gentle light brown eyes. He was rather slim, but had a nice body , wealthy- looking complexion, but now his face was covered in red spots , his beautiful soft featured face now frowned, gentle eyes shaded by anger . another ,shorter one with long dark, raven hair and pitched-black eyes was standing in a porch's shadow . He wasn't wearing his uniform jacket, only sleeveless shirt, exposing his ivory-white skin. He bit his soft bottom lip forbidding it to tremble.
    "No Madara...That's it. Here's the end."

    the thing was, those two boys were considered as the idols of ShinaMorio high school. Even now, one could clearly see fan girls crowding near and giggling when watching the scene. For all girls previous year was s disaster, because it became clear that those two were a couple - now nearly selected student's council president Hashirama Senju and school's tennis club vice president Uchiha Madara. But it seemed , that this day, was the day, their relationship had reached it's limits. And this event was exposed in front of entire school.

    "But...Senju...I don't understand..."
    "And that's the problem" Brown-haired boy shouted and ran out of school leaving anxious Uchiha.

    He was standing there frozen, watching the brown-head disappear into afternoon sun lighted streets. Madara ran his fingers through his thick, long hair and closed his eyes , sinking in memories of those happy times which ended just moments ago, when two of them were a couple. He remembered all those simple touches at school , when they "accidentally" brushed their hands, or light kisses stolen from Hashirama, when he didn't expect that, like , for example on that school trip, when they were heading home by bus. On that time they were chatting about something and.....


    " I guess so" said Hashirama, he lifted his hand, the index finger tracing Madara's cheekbones affectionately. Sudden rush of warmth curled in the pit of his stomach. Madara's eyes widened .He was always surprised, how these small touches of his boyfriend raised such big floods of emotions rush trough his body.
    Hashirama's finger moved to run across his bottom lip and his eyes held his own in heated gaze.

    "Yeah" managed to say Madara exhaling the air. He saw Senju's face closing as his own began to lean forward. He felt his head become clear , he could already taste the boys lips on his tongue. His heart gone wild as a centimetre separated their lips. He tilted his heat to the side , feeling the other boy's breath on his skin.

    „Hey, we're almost here" shouted someone.

    The vague of excitement rushed through the bus and Madara saw Hashirama moving away, but then he leaned forward and quickly captured the other's lips. He saw Senju's eyes widened in surprise, but he gladly returned the unexpected kiss....


    Madara's memories were interrupted by someone, who just bumped into him.

    „Oh, I'm so sorry." He saw a 1st year student standing by him. He was somehow similar to him. The same raven black hair and dark eyes, handsome face, well-built body, only the complexion of this boy was even paler than his, it was snow white.
    „Next time, be more careful, boy." He patted the younger boy's shoulder.
    „yeah." He told and bowed his head.
    „Oh, I see you are new here. What's your name?" even when his heart was just ripped out Madara managed to be polite. He just couldn't be helped, that wasn't this boy's fault that his boyfriend just left him.
    „Itachi.Uchiha Itachi." Told the boy meeting Madara's eyes.
    Senior's eyes widened in surprise.

    ‚no way, I've must misheard that' Madara told to himself.

    „Yes, sempai.Itachi Uchiha. And what's yours?"
    „Madara.Uchiha Madara...."

    Now he saw the same surprised expression on the junior's face. They stared to each other for a moment, both not knowing what to say.

    „Itachi-san, class mister wants to have a word with you." A tall sick-looking boy appeared next to them.
    „Yes, yes, Kisame-san. I'm coming." He bowed to Madara and went after that tall-one junior.

    „Ha" Managed to smile Madara. ‚I have to now more about this kid"

    He put his jacket on, because it was rather cold and went to Senju's place. After meeting that boy, he felt a high urge to see his lover.

    Senju ran all the way home , he knew that house will be empty till very late this night, because his mother was at work, she was spending as much time as she could at work since her husband , Hashirama's father, had died. Firstly , he was feeling lonely, but then, Madara came into his life and took his hand. And now, he shook that hand off.

    When entered the house, boy sighed, climbed up to the second floor, dropped his bag and fell on the bed. He closed his eyes and suddenly remembered their very first time, it happened here, on this same bed….

    Senju felt rather heard his name uttered as Madara joined their lips. He breathed deeply, pulling other boy closer. he closed his eyes and parted his mouth when Madara's tongue lapped at his bottom lip. Hashirama willingly accepted that. The feeling of the other boy's soft tongue inside his mouth playing with his, was driving him mad. It was a heavy feeling, heavy, but soft, touching the bottom of his heart.

    ' this is a feeling of falling ' he thought to himself.

    Madara's arms tightened around him, palms pressed against his waist. Their mouths moved against one another, sucking sounds and moans filling the air. Madara pulled him to straddle his tights, bringing their groins close. They gasped as their erections met and they started to rock against each other, hissing from a pleasure.
    Hashirama's hands slid up to hold Madara's head, his fingers moved trough the raven-black hair. Madara's hand moved between them to quickly unbutton Hashirama's shirt. Madara broke their kiss, and, when pulling the shirt off, he was gently kissing Hashirama's exposed skin. With his lips, he tracked from the shoulder to Hashirama's jaw line, licking it with his hot, wet tongue. Senju's body shivered in anticipation.

    "Madara" he moaned, pleading, as the other boy sucked and bit his sensitive skin. Madara moved lower to take Hashirama's nipple into his mouth and teased it. Hasirama growled and pressed the boy closer, groaning at the burning pleasure. He lifted Madara's face to his and gave the black-haired boy wet , lusty kiss.

    "Now" Hashirama panted into their joined lips. The pants and boxers slid down Hashirama's legs. He hissed as the fabric slid over his erection. He pressed up against Madara. Madara Reached around him to grip his ass and pressed their erections together. Hashirama moaned in pleasure. He tugged on Madara's pants, telling him to rid himself of the offending clothes. He helped to do that and took a lube which was put near the bed. Their eyes met and Madara pushed Senju to rest on his back. Hashirama fluttered as Madara traced his body with those black lust-filled eyes. Uchiha crawled over him , arms and knees supporting his body. The boy parted his legs, settling between them. Hashirama pulled him closer and groaned against Madara's hardened dick, they kissed.
    "Hashirama…" Madara panted "I want…"

    Hasirama shivered at the hunger in his boy's voice. He nodded, cheeks covered in a blush. He wanted this as well.

    "I want you." He whispered in Madara's ear.

    Uchiha seemed a little bit nervous, but when he met his lover's eyes, he smiled a little and nod. He reached for the lube. Hashirama heard the little click as Madara opened the lube. He poured some lube at his long pale finger and circled the other boy's opening, then pushed in and then moved back and farwards slowly, giving the brown-haired boy time to get used to this new feeling. After few moments, he nodded, letting Madara to add another one. A second finger were in, and Hashirama shivered.

    'It doesn't hurt. It doesn't hurt' he tried to convince himself. Madara saw his uncertain expression and stopped, but Hashirama just nodded for the boy to continue. Madara's fingers thrust in and out. Hashirama cried when Madara found his prostate and nodded again, telling Madara that he was ready. Madara, one hand still fucking Hashirama's ass, another one pored some lube on his cock. Hashirama spread his legs as Madara pulled out his fingers off Hashirama's ass and guided his cock into his opening, watching his lovers face carefully , for any sign of pain. Hashirama kissed Madara and smiled, trying to relax. Still, his eyes widened as a tip of Madaras length slide into his entrance. He moaned, feeling Madara filling him. He felt other boy groan.
    "You okay?" Madara asked as he went in to the furthest.

    "Yeah. Move" Hashirama smiled. His back ground against the bed as his lover thrust in him, he watched Madara's face as their bodies ground together. He thought that it was marvellous. Madara's thrusts grew faster and Hashirama cried out as his prostate was struck repeatedly. All this overdose of pleasure made him dug his nails into Madara's shoulder. Madara grabbed Senju's cock and stocked it with each thrust. Hashirama moaned loudly and kissed Madara joining their lips. Hashirama's cum came all over Madara's hands as Senju had reached his climax. These waves of intense pleasure were driving him crazy, he tilted his head back and screamed, his vision blurred in green spots for a moment and he shut his eyes, feeling the trembling in all his body. Above him , Madara also came.Hashirama felt Madara's hot cum inside him. Groaning, Madara collapsed on him, still smiling…


    A door bell woke up Hashirama, who was lost in his memories.
    'Who could it be?' thought the boy as he went downstairs. 'It's still to early for mother to come back' Noted the brown-head as he glanced at the clock. Ir was only ten past 5 pm.

    'It sure is strange.'

    He was so confused that opened the door without asking who it was. The door opened and he saw a black-haired pale boy standing there, eyes watching him anxiously. He seemed worried.
    "Madara." Sighed Senju " I told you…"
    "I don't care" interrupted Madara entering the room. He pulled Hashirama closer, burying his head into other boy's shoulder.

    "I want you to explain everything. I just can't let you go like that…"

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