OHEM 2016 - One Hundred Editors Project

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    • 2015 05 20
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    OHEM 2016 - One Hundred Editors Project

    AMVNews organizuoja didelį MEP'ą ir kviečia prisijungti sudalyvauti.

    A message from coordinators: Hello there! We continue to gather our team to make the biggest MEP in the AMV world. As of now we have 40 accepted parts and 25 almost completed. Maybe you want to join us too? Then hurry up and take the remaining vacancies! You can also invite friends or even bring the whole studio with you. Support the project and contact us the way you like (see the list below):

    Discord: nuoroda
    Skype konferencija: nuoroda
    E-mail: conststd@gmail.com
    Skype: conststudio


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