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Changing Sky

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    2011 04 30
    Įrašo Ačiū / Patinka

    Changing Sky

    Šiaip pagalvojau, kad reiktų parašyti istorija su pabaiga. Tokios dar nebuvo. Būtų puiku sulaukti kritikos, žinau kad dar nėra daug parašyta, tik pirma dalis.
    Net neįsivaizduoju kaip plėtosis istorija
    P.S. Tingiu taisyt, gali būt klaidų. Nors jei rašyčiau lietuviškai būtų visiška tragedija.

    Part I

    Brrr... Brrr... Brrr...
    I hate it the most when someone wakes me up, especially through phone, 'cuz I can't kill them then. I shifted on my back. Instantly I could feel the warmth of sunlight hit my face. I reached for my phone under the pillow but it fell on the floor.
    BRRR... BRRR... BRRR...
    ''Good morning, rise and shine!''
    ''Oh... Fuck you. ''
    Welcome my best friend Elizabeth, Elli for short. I really hate her. She's the most persistent person that I've ever known.
    ''Blah blah... Get your fat ass out of the bed! We're goin' to the beach!''
    ''Not going. Bye.''
    ''Get your stuff, I'm on my way! C ya!''
    Now, what did I tell you? When that girl gets something in her head no-one can stop her. I kind of respect her for that... Anyway, time for packing. I roll off my bed and go into my wall closet, get my summer suitcase and put random clothes in it, few toiletries and sun cream, it's going to kill me. It's not that I don't like sun, it's just that I can't stand the heat. In result, most of my clothes are white. Social Vampire, that's what Elli is. Scratch that. She's a mammoth. Blond and tall and slender mammoth... I looked at my mirror and my ass is not fat at all... Well. It is. Black short shorts and tanktop doesn't help.
    I swear she loves to kick my door with her heals.
    ''Are you ready for most unforgettable summer ever?!''
    Really, how can she squeal like that? I slip into my old good runners.
    ''I'm ready to kill you, bitch. Last summer was a disaster, thanks to you.''
    ''Ah, shut up, retard. It wasn't my fault. Let's go~!''
    ''And where exactly are we goin'?''
    ''My cousin's place, it's up South, The Wolf's beach.''
    She had looks and money, I guess you could call her one of those golden trouser kids. She was smart, too. Well, not in academic sense but I wasn't in it too. We knew each other for four years then, it felt like eternity. We got out of blocs of flats into parking lot and her red Peugeot 908 was shining on the left side for visitors. I had money too, not as much as she but it was more than enough for me.
    ''Who else is comin'?''
    ''No one, well, my cousin might be there. But I think he's in France now.''
    I loved her car's smell. I still don't know what kind of smell it was, though.
    ''I know him?''
    ''Probably no, he was living in Asia with his father from childhood. His mom is my aunt, she died in a car accident right after giving birth. No one was allowed to come to her funeral. It always seemed fishy to me.''
    ''Yeah, kinda. Maybe her husband feared that they would take the child?''
    ''Hmm...'' She smiled lightly.
    She had more siblings than hair, don't ask me how. We flew through business district with tall buildings and taller shadows. It's was lively city, still growing. It took us two hours to get out of it, then we turned to M50 and her speedometer rose to 210 km/h. We used to go wherever we wanted as fast as avoiding other cars allowed, even when she didn't have her license. We loved speed and she was a good driver. Otherwise, I wouldn't have gone with her.
    It was the beginning of that summer, I felt sun blazing down my arm. It was thrilling, I have to say.

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    2011 01 18
    Palanga, LT
    Įrašo Ačiū / Patinka
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