Žiūrėti pilną versiją : Last fantasy - manhwa pardavimui

Crazy Goblin
2007-08-04, 14:11
Turiu viena voluma manhw'os Last Fantasy angliskai
two heroes in a fantasy RPG like setting, trying to survive, have adventures and accidentally make as many enemies as they can in the process. Tian is a magicial who dropped out of school early because of a lack of funding. This has left his abilities as a magician very limited, but he can sure throw a mean fireball. Drei, or to give him his full title; Drei von Richenstein, is the tall, strong handsome warrior many girls dream about. The only problem is that he's as dumb as gravy. Drei also has an Enchanted Voice Sword which is tremendously huge and frequently pokes fun at Tian.

Crazy Goblin
2007-09-04, 10:23
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