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A way to happiness (DBSK, fictional) [R]

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    A way to happiness (DBSK, fictional) [R]


    a way to happiness

    Alexandra (fictional),DBSK


    A girl named Alexandra moves to study to Seoul.She hopes that changes can bring something new to her life, but she is not motivated to fight for her happiness.
    She forgot that happiness can exit in her world, that's why she simply wonders through her life.
    But one day few misunderstandings cause her to meet a person who will bring her to life again...
    Life is like hills of joy and oceans of sorrow.It doesn't flow in one line.
    you can get used to these waves and fight for your self or just give up and drown.
    This is a way every person lives and Alex is not an exception.
    But will she be able to get through hardships and find her own way, a way to happiness...
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    Chapter 1 : [Meeting morning]

    Cold breeze was spinning through my messy hair. Even though it was quite warm spring night, or should I say morning, because sky was slowly getting brighter, my skin had goose bumps. I couldn’t sleep, because all kind of thoughts were spinning in my head and not letting me to calm down. I don’t know why everything seemed so dark and cold to me now. Am I really that kind of emo person, who makes troubles from nothing? I don’t know. It’s just that air is too hard to breath for me. Sometimes I can feel warm from other passing by strangers, who are smiling and enjoying their routines. It makes me happy to know that world can be different, happy and bright, without any hardships that could stop you. But I get this feeling for no longer than a few seconds, because those people come and go, and soon I can see their backs slowly fading from my sight. I always knew they would never stay. Happy people pass sorrow...
    I looked to my cell phone which background showed me 5 am. I guess I should head to work already. I took my bag and jumped from a small cliff, which was surrounding the shore. This is one of my favorite’s places here, in Seoul. The Han river.
    To this city I was absolute stranger. But when I think about it, maybe I was like that to every place where I stayed. It may be that I hoped it would be different here, that the change of environment could change something in me also. But isn’t that a self lie. It actually doesn’t matter where you live. If you want something very badly and you fight for it, I’m sure that in time every goal is possible to reach. But I guess I wasn’t that kind of person who could fight for a place under the sun. I knew that I had will to work, to try and not to give up soon. But it’s just that there were no reasons, no motivation. What for?-would be my first thought after going thro’ all that “make your life good” plans. I wouldn’t have even moved here, if it’s not for my brother I guess.
    After graduation, i was wondering what university to choose. My grades were good, since all my free time was studying at home and working. Actually I wasn’t interested in learning again and spending the rest of my life doing what I wasn’t interested in, but I wanted to leave my parents house and start living independent. And then one day when I was surfing the net, I saw Korea’s embassy scholarship for two students to live and study in Seoul for very cheap and ridiculous price. I decided that I should give a try. Being a tourist- student is better than sucking books here in my hometown, and of course, this would mean living on my own on the other side of the world.
    I knew that I could win concurs, and I did. But my mother and stepfather didn’t want to let me go. And then my charming brother came and persuaded them, that I’m not a child, that I need more air and freedom, I’m not sure that they believed in all that. I guess they let me just because they thought that there’s still my brother who maybe won’t be so screwed up as me.
    So here I was in this huge and unfamiliar city. At first I couldn’t speak Korean at all, but then I found a part time job in café, where I was washing dishes, so being around people and having random talk made me to understand a bit. Because of this work I could keep some money, and not ask my parents to send me them, which made me feel good, because now they won’t be able to tell me that I’m only a burden. Despite the fact, that I felt lonely here without my bro it still was fun, since there were so many new things for me.

    When I arrived to my work I said hi to staff, took my apron and headed to the sink, which was fool of dishes from previous night. While listening to my mp3 work past quickly, I didn’t even felt that it was already lunch time when my colleague, also a girl from university, punched me.
    -Hey, aren’t you starving? How can you work like machine,-she looked at the huge pill of clean plates and than at me, i guess my face was expressionless as always, because she added
    -Aish, you really are something, come on until these chips of yours didn’t explode.
    I followed her to kitchen and we ate some leftovers since, you know, student aren’t that rich. She was talking nonstop all the time until suddenly her phone rang. She picked it up quickly and turned away. I wasn’t interested in her conversations anyway, so I tried not to listen and begin to wonder through my mind as always, but as quickly she turned her phone off and threw herself on me.
    -Please help me,-she looked at me with her puppy eyes,-my boyfriend had a car accident, I must go to hospital,-she said shaking.
    -Well, what I have to do with it, as for me, you can go right now if you want to,-I said and took her hands off me. I really don’t know how to deal with people, not to mention how to calm them down.
    -I can’t leave work, boss already was angry at me yesterday that I was late, so he won’t let me go…But if you could take my place, I’m sure he wouldn’t notice.
    -But I never worked as waiter.
    -Don’t worry you just have to be polite and take food to them. If you can handle the dishes I’m sure there’s nothing impossible for you,-she tried to smile with her teary eyes.
    -Well okay, but come back soon, I suck at being with other people,-I shrugged.
    -Oh, thank you, you’re my hero!- she squealed and ran away.
    Well yeah, did I already mention that I can make problems from nothing?
    I dressed in uniform, went to the main hall and begun to take orders from tables.
    It wasn’t really that hard, because people were kind of not noticing my mistakes, since I was a foreigner and my appearance of course was standing out. They asked me various questions like where I’m from, are there all people like that, what we normally eat and so on, as if I’m from other planet. But in a way I liked it. I liked their surprised faces when I would answer Korean, or say something abnormal like that we are eating food without chopsticks. I even started smiling, because I received many “hwaiting!” and tips of course.
    I didn’t noticed new customers coming because of the questions that I tried to answer to other clients, but then I heard strange gossiping. I didn’t understood if it was because of me or not, but apparently no, since I had no attention on me anymore, even the previous guy that tried to flirt with me broke of in the middle of sentence. I decided to never mind all of it as this is the best way to approach something that you have no clue about.
    I headed to new customers.
    -Ahn Neyong Ha Seyo,- i bowed, -would you like to order already? Today we have special soup and if you buy a steak we add coke for free,-I smiled and wondered if I said everything correctly.
    -Well then I have no choice. I will take a steak. No, two steaks, will I get two cokes then?
    A young man putted down his menu, which at first was covering his face, and looked at me. I knew that I had to answer, but my jaw was somewhere on the ground, I felt like in a commercial, where super extra hot model make you fell in love with everything that they are trying to sell not to mention about them themselves. Yes, he was hot. Probably the hottest guy I ever faced or would face in my upcoming life.
    -Yes, you will get two cokes then if you wish ,is that all then mister?-I asked, and felt so stupid, I never was interested in guys, because relationship would make even more harder to live, so I never looked to males as possible boyfriends. And right now I found myself daydreaming, and about a guy. What’s up with me? Really, get a hold on yourself women.
    -For now I guess it will be enough for me,-he laughed, and I thought that crystal bells are ringing, -but my friend will come soon, so I wonder what should I order for him?-he looked at me again. This time I won’t loose to this charm that takes your breath away, makes you tremble and forget what you want to say.
    -Well it depends on what your friend likes and what his age is...we have awesome spaghetti and delicious kid set –pancakes with strawberries…
    -Oh, it will be fine!-he interrupted me.
    -So pancakes for a kid,-I wrote down.
    -Yeah,-he smiled again.
    -Ok, enjoy yourself I won’t take too long,-I smiled back this time.
    I headed back to kitchen and realized that this time every one was staring with jealousy at me.
    -What?-I asked to other waiter,-am I an alien?
    -Aish, don’t you know who is he?!
    -Erm, should i?
    -Gosh, girl, he’s top idol from the hottest group ever, don’t you really recognize him! It’s Choikang Changmin from DBSK!
    -From what?-I asked again.
    -Aish,-she hit her forehead and went back to her customers.


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      Chapter 2 : [Accident]

      I putted the food on the table.
      -Have a good meal!-I smiled,-ask me if you need anything else.
      - Thank you!-said the voice. I could feel that it was different, but still very beautiful, it sounded like a soft melody. So I suddenly turned back amazed.
      - Oh, Changmin will be back soon, he went to toilet…I’m a friend he was waiting for,-he added since I still stared at him.
      -Oh, okay,-I bowed and went away a bit disappointed in myself. Why do I fell for every guy now, huh? Besides I’m working here, not looking for anything else, I reminded myself.
      The sky was getting dark, it’s probably already 5 pm, I was wondering where the girl that I was saving because of her injured boyfriend was. I missed lessons because of it and there’s no doubt that it won’t do any good, but well whatever, it won’t hurt for one time.
      I brought the bill to those hot guys and all the attention was still on them, maybe they really are those famous guys form band, what is it called again?
      -Thank you, you speak Korean very well, we were wondering how come?-Changmin asked me.
      -You mean that YOU were wondering,-other guy said and laughed cutely like dolphin.
      Please stop or I’ll be drop dead, I was thinking.
      -Well I’m a student here already for more then a month, it’s not so hard to learn when you hear and see new language everywhere, of course there’s a lot of things I don’t understand yet and it’s still easy to fool me ,-I laughed, but it didn’t seemed so awkward as it was at first.
      - Than we should try that,- he smirked at me. I blushed with no excusable reason and he chuckled.
      Then suddenly I felt someone grabbing my arm from the back and in the next second all I knew that my lost colleague was beside me changing her uniform and thanking me. Maybe it would be more polite if I had asked her about her injured boyfriend, but actually I was mad that she dragged me away from those two angels. So I just said bye, took my bag and went out. I still had a lot of homework since I skipped lessons today so I hurried to my dorm.
      When I was already by my place I saw a music shop across the street and then I had an idea.
      After work I couldn’t stop thinking about those two guys, they really weren’t ordinary, it seemed like their charisma could be felt in the air, and since their voices were so beautiful I decided to look for their CD .That’s why I entered the shop. It didn’t took me too long to find their album since it had its own section, so they’re that popular…I took the album “secret code” and those two guys were on the cover. Somehow without make up they looked better, but with or without it, they still were hot. Of course I noticed that there were three more of them and they also were good looking. After I bought the album, I pulled the door, but it wasn’t opening, then I pulled harder, but still they were not opening. Then I finally noticed the small sign ‘push’.
      Aish chincha, can I get even more stupid today?
      I guess I used too much force when I was pushing the door, because right after the door flew open the bum sound came out. Did I hit something?
      Suddenly I gasped, because right in front of me I saw Changmin lying on the ground.


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        Chapter 3 : Consequences

        Now what ?
        -I’m sorry! Are you alright? Hey, say something,-I patted on his cheek, I was worried to death .
        Finally he opened his eyes.
        -Are you okay?-I asked again.
        He nodded at me still not understanding what is happening.
        -Should I call an ambulance?
        -I’m okay, I just need some ice,-he said.
        -Oh, well, I have it in the fridge…can you walk?
        -I guess,-he tried to stand up, but he couldn’t keep the balance and grabbed my shoulders,- I’m still dizzy,-he said leaning on to my shoulders.
        -It’s okay, just hang on; my apartment is across the street.
        It was a bit hard to reach third floor, but thanks God I didn’t lived on top of the building…
        I opened the door, this time I did it right, and helped Changmin to lay on the sofa, then I took first aid kit and ice.
        After I wrapped the ice in a towel and softly putted it on his head, he gasped silently.
        -It’s cold, but you’ll feel better soon. I’m sorry that I almost killed you like this…Does it hurt anywhere else?
        -My knee…
        I tried to lift his jeans, but they were so tight that it didn’t move higher his shin.
        -Ah, be gentler, it hurts!
        -I’m sorry, but your jeans are too tight, I can’t see your knee.
        -Then take them off,-he said like it was nothing.
        -Take them off. If you hurt a person you have to take care of him, are you running away from your responsibility?
        -So you are then…Aish, it hurts…
        -Okay, okay, just wait a bit.
        And now what? I stared at him blankly. How can I take off his pants?
        -So are you doing it or not?-he asked again,-You know, I may die while you’re acting shy here.
        Uh, I can do this; I am already eighteen, right? And it’s not like I’ll see him naked…I took I deep breath, leaned closer to him and unzipped his pants.
        First step-done!
        -Can you lift your but a bit?
        Did I really say that?
        He did as I asked so I started to pull his pants down; I didn’t look at him at all, since I could already feel my cheeks were burning. When his pants were off I focused on his knee, which really didn’t look good. It was bleeding.
        I washed the wound, putted some medicine and then bandages.
        -Are you done?-he asked, I lifted my eyes and wanted to says yes. But then I turned tomato red again as I saw his black underwear. As fast as I could I hid my face under the pillows.
        -What? How old are you?-he laughed,-Haven’t you seen a man before?
        I didn’t answer. Of course I never saw a half dressed stranger lying on my sofa!
        -Hey are you okay?-he asked again.
        -Shouldn’t I be asking that?-I spotted. -Haven’t you heard anything about shame?
        I finally faced him and he was already zipping his pants.
        -Is there anything to be ashamed of, huh? Of course you may feel a bit this way since you almost killed me but what does it has to do with me?
        -Are you serious?
        -No,-he laughed again,-so what’s your name little killer?
        -Anyo...I’m not a killer , moreover I’m not small anymore,-I showed my tongue out,-and my name is Alexandra, but you may call me Alex, Changmin,-I stretched my hand towards him and smiled.
        Ah chincha, why I’m so nice again?
        -Well it’s nice to meet you Alex, even in these obstacles,-he smiled with gorgeous million dollar smile,-But weren’t you you that waiter from café?
        -Well yes…
        -So why did you disappeared so suddenly then?
        -I just had to take my friends place for a while since she had some troubles. Do you want something like to drink or eat?
        -Do you have bear?
        -Anyo, I don’t drink alcohol…
        -Just as I thought, you don’t look like that…
        -Like what?
        -Like a bad girl,-he smirked again,-Club should be already open, we should go there then.
        -But weren’t you just injured?!
        -Duh, I can not be injured for all of my life. There are more important things to do!
        -Like what?
        -Umm, like ask a girl out, for example.
        -So you’re asking me out?
        -didn’t I already say that?
        -What if I don’t want to.
        -I know you do.
        -No I don’t. I was working all day, I’m tired to death and I have classes tomorrow.
        -Is your life really that dull?
        -Come on lets go, - he grabbed my hand, and soon we were walking on the street illuminated by lanterns.
        I couldn’t help but wonder how strange this day is. I inhaled deeply and looked at my companion walking on my right. Somehow I felt comfortable with him, maybe after seeing him few times per day I’m already used to his beautiful features? I tried not to care too much and concentrated on the dark pavement.
        -Is something wrong ?-he asked me.
        -Nothing unusual.
        -So you mean meeting a celebrity and almost killing him is random for you?-he chuckled.
        -It’s not what I mean…Of course it’s strange that I’m walking right next to you… I have no idea why this day is like this, why I met you. But honestly I don’t really care, because I will wake up next morning alone like every morning, I will go to university like every, well almost every, morning and then simply drown my thoughts of this day, ‘cause there will be nothing that I’ll want to remember…
        -I followed you,-he suddenly replied.
        I looked puzzled at him.
        -Do you remember my friend from the cafe? It was Junsu. We had a bet, that I’ll be able to get your number, because you looked so…like distant, you know what I mean? Like we can not reach you and you’re not approachable. But I was interested, I admit it. So he said get her number and I’ll treat you dinner. So I thought this should be fun, but then you disappeared in thin air. I went outside to look for you and after few moments I saw you wondering by the record shop.
        I was completely turned aback.
        -So I should give you my cell number or what?-I asked confused.
        -I didn’t thought about proceeding so fast…but yeah, it would be awesome,-he smiled again.
        -Pff, you wish, I don’t even know you.
        -You may get to know me, if you’ll be good,-he smiled again brilliantly.
        But then my attention turned to the building in front of me “Cassiopeia” club.
        -We are here.
        He showed me the way in.
        We went down red corridor and reached the main hall with dance floor and bar on the right. The lights were dazzling me, since my eyes weren’t adjusted yet.
        -I guess it’s too noisy,- we headed to the v.i.p. room.
        Then in the corner on the small black sofa I saw a girl pressing her lips to a guy, whose one hand was rubbing her tight and other was massaging her chest…
        -Hey, find a room,-Changmin laughed,-you’re getting so impatient day by day Yoochun.
        The guy named Yoochun faced us and recognized those black hair, full lips and light skin from the cover. It’s Dong Bang Shin Ki guy again.
        -Actually, we already were in a room, but some jerk ruined everything!-Yoochun shouted back.
        Then he noticed me.
        -And what’s this baby of yours?
        -I’m not baby! And certainly not his!
        He didn’t expect me to open my mouth and let Korean words not to mention to understand what he said.
        -Well, well, well…Someone has character, huh? But I guess it suits you Changmin,-Yoochun laughed and I couldn’t believe…how come all of them can laugh like this? I mean do they have stereo or something?
        -Calm down, Micky, this is Alex, and I warn you, touch her and you won’t have a chance to knock girls ever again,-This time Changmin sounded serious and I couldn’t not notice the change in his voice.
        -Don’t worry bro, I already have something very delicious to try,-he leaned to the girl who was still right behind him and licked her neck down to her chest.
        Changmin didn’t look back; it seemed that these kinds of situations are quite random.
        He took me further away from them to the small bar and gave me bear from the refrigerator.
        -I don’t drink.
        -Pfff it’s just beer…come on, I can’t drink alone,-he gave the bottle to me.
        Well, it’s just one bottle; nothing can happen from one gulp, right?
        Changmin was talking about something but I really couldn’t hear much, it’s not because of loud music, more because of the gasps that time to time came from the girl’s mouth. Yes, the sofa wasn’t abandoned yet…
        I didn’t want to stare, because it seemed impolite and quite gross at first. But then the girl unbuttoned Yoochun’s shirt and I could see his masculine figure. She was kissing his neck and slowly coming down to his chest and belly… Ant the next thing I saw that she was unzipping his pants and sliding her hands in to his underwear. He was smiling. I couldn’t say that he was very thrilled but I’m sure he liked girl’s actions. Especially when her head pressed to his member…
        He was stroking her hair, so she started to suck harder.
        -Do you want to dance?-Changmin shouted right next in to my ear,-really do you heard a word that I said?
        -Uh, sorry…lets go,-I replied and he chuckled at my sudden lost. Of course he noticed me staring at that playboy, but I still hoped that my eyes kept loyal to me and didn’t give away the lust and temptation I felt at that moment.


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          Chapter 4 : Fading lights

          We broke through the crowd to the middle of the dance floor. And this was when I started panicking.
          I can’t dance. Why the hell I agreed to go with him?! I never danced at school events nor did I enjoy going to the discos or clubs. I simply thought that’s a waste of time, to shake your body parts to the music which usually had no rhythm. Or was it me who couldn’t felt it?
          -Are you wondering again? What are you thinking about?-Changmin broke me from my desperate thoughts.
          -I know you are, your eyebrows are wrinkling up,-he chuckled.
          -I don’t dance.
          -Of course you do,-just move to the music…Don’t you feel it?
          -Feel what?
          -Music,-he laughed,-hey, just give me your arms, I’ll lead you…
          He took my hands and layed them on his neck.
          -Hey, don’t run away,-he pulled me closer to himself when I begun to draw back,-I don’t bite.
          I tried to calm down and not to step on his foot.
          My gaze concentrated on other dancing couples. I tried to memorize their moves and to do it myself since I was just moving from left to right and it felt embarrassing.
          -Don’t worry you’re doing well,-Changmin smiled. I felt his hands sliding few inches down my waist. I thought he was heading to my butt, but then he just swung my hips gently,-Calm down. Close your eyes,-he whispered.
          Now when I couldn’t see other people and distinct lights my senses were relying on my hearing.
          I have to admit that the music was quite nice; it was a light and sexy melody for slow couple dancing.
          I was about two inches away from Changmin’s neck and I could feel his scent. It wasn’t perfume, more like his fresh skin, soap and something that I couldn’t describe yet. It gave me a cozy feeling and I inhaled his scent again.
          -Are you sniffing me?-he said with seducing voice.
          I opened my eyes and looked in his. They were deep brown. And I felt like on the edge, like I could fall in to them, because they were so deep…
          I don’t know how long this moment lasted, but I felt my knees weak and my body sank to darkness.


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            Chapter 5 : Dirty sheets

            Ray of light teared off my sweet sleep. The sheets were so soft that I didn’t want to wake up for school.
            I don’t have these silky sheets which cost more then my apartment.
            Where. Am. I ?!
            I jumped from the huge white bed.
            The room was almost empty, it had big french windows and the bright walls gave a fresh feeling.
            But this totally wasn’t reminding me of my bedroom.
            Then I jumped again because suddenly the doors flew open.
            -Oh, the sleeping beauty already woke up; -Changmin came in holding a tray with food. He putted it on the toilet table and faced me.
            -Where am I?
            -In my bedroom of course! Did you thought that I would leave you lie on the ground?-he laughed again.
            -On the ground?
            Now nothing made sense.
            -Sure! You don’t remember?
            You fainted. Do you eat well? Because you don’t look like you would, so I made breakfast…and that’s why you could be nice and say: ’Good morning oppa, how was your sleep, thank you for taking care of me!’.
            Now say aaahhh.
            He took a spoon and fed me with chicken soup.
            -Did you make it yourself?
            -Aniyo, it would be good if I could, hyung made it for lunch.
            -Lunch?! What time is it?
            -Calm down you’ll spill it! It’s…it is a quarter past twelve,-he said after looking at his expensive watch.
            -I have lessons today, I have to go,-I was already going out from the bed, but then he pulled me down.
            -No you don’t, it’s Saturday. Please stay with me.
            This seemed strange…
            -Why? Why do you want me to be here?
            -Actually…I don’t know, you’re clumsy and your looks are a bit strange and you act weird too, but somehow, I feel protective about you. It seems that if I’ll let you wonder alone you’ll end up hurting yourself again.
            -What do you mean? I don’t hurt my self.
            -Of course you do. You abandon your body and hide in that small and fragile world of yours…but you shouldn’t, it may be dangerous. You should live to the fullest, laugh and have fun with friends.
            -I don’t have them.
            -It’s because you don’t want to. But I’m not going to be like others and listen to you. So say ahhhh,-he shoved the spoon into my mouth and I was at loss of words.
            He just remained smiling warmly.
            I don’t know why, but the tears started falling down my cheeks.
            Was it because no one ever treated me like this, no one ever spoke to me like this and no one never said the truth that looked so clearly to me right now?
            I saw confusion in his eyes, but he was better in relationships than me of course, so he hugged me gently and stroked my hair.
            But then again I made a mistake. The same like yesterday. I looked at his deep eyes and couldn’t resist anymore to the urge to kiss him.
            I brushed my lips to his and since he wasn’t backing off, I pressed mine to his and we fell in to the kiss.
            He parted my lips and I felt his tongue in my mouth. The kiss got deeper, wetter and more passionate. We both gasped at the same time. Before parting away for air I sucked his lip and I knew that it turned him on completely.
            He threw himself on top of me and started to rip away my shirt with one hand and with other he held my hands that I couldn’t move an inch. I liked his force and his gentle touches at the same time.
            -Uh,-I moaned and he started to suck my neck. I knew there will be marks, but who cares.
            As he threw my shirt on the ground, my black bra was exposed; it didn’t take him too long to undo it too.
            My nipples were already hard and he started to suck them and massage with his right hand while his left was already unzipping my jeans. I felt his arm sliding to my panties.
            -You are already wet…-Changmin chuckled but not like always, this time it was more tempting and seducing voice.
            He gave me a crush of kisses down my chest to the belly, and he didn’t stop…
            -Let me taste you...-he whispered again.
            I couldn’t let out more clearly words since his lips pressed to my bottom ones.
            As my hands were already free I gently pressed his head more in to me, since I wanted him to go more deeply.
            But then all of a sudden he retrieved and gave me a kiss; I could taste myself from his lips.
            -I’m sorry, I think we shouldn’t go on…for now,-he smirked.
            I was still breathing hard.
            -Okay, you…are right.
            He dressed me and gave a peck on my cheek again.
            -You really are a good girl…-I saw his eyes smiling, - finally you’re beginning to have fun.


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              Chapter 7 : the Moment

              We parked near his flat and I stepped from the car while he was holding the door for me.
              -I’m sorry I can not take you to some nice place. The stalker would post our photos the next morning…-he seemed said and guilty. I knew that being a celebrity may be a burden too since he said it himself when he was complaining that he can not go to shop and buy ramen for dinner.
              -Don’t worry, I don’t like crowded places anyway,-and I really didn’t care where we are as long he’s with me.
              We entered his spacious and luxurious apartment. I left my shoes and followed him to the kitchen.
              -Are you hungry? Anyway you’ll eat since I’m not able to see you when you stand sideways. What do you like most? I’ll cook for you.
              -I see… you never saw food, right? Then look, this is bread,-he took bread in his hands, - and here we have rice, and this long thing is called cucumber. You may have some associations but it tastes good. And this red thing is meat, meat is usually red.
              -Yeah, and do you know what this is?-I took a fork and pointed at him,-It’s a tool to poke devilish people like you!-we both laughed.
              -I don’t really know Korean cuisine yet, and I can’t cook, and I don’t know what you like that we could eat it together, - I bit my lip, after I spilled all my worries.
              -Oh, it’s not a problem, I like everything!-he laughed
              -Then should we make a pie?-I said excitedly.
              - Sweets suit well with sweet girls, so lets do it!
              My cheeks were blushing since he was saying those nice things to me. I hid them with my hands and looked down. Ah, I hate when I turn red!
              -Aww you’re so cute,-he squealed. Then he took my both hands away from my face and kissed my lips,-Mmmm, I wanted to this for so long.
              I kissed him back and the kiss got deeper. He tasted good and I could feel his tender scent again.
              He slowly let go of my lips like he didn’t want to rush everything too much.
              -I guess it should be done with this white thing, right?-he took the flour into his hands.
              -Yeah, you’re right my smarty!
              With a corner of my eye I saw a smile appearing on his face.
              After 20 minutes we made a paste and putted in into the oven. Somehow this seemed so natural; to cook with him, o be together and have fun…
              -We should make a cream. Do you have lemons?
              -Yeah, but aren’t they sour? How we can put them in the cream?
              -Oh, trust me, it will be delicious,-I peeled a lemon he gave me and putted a small piece into his mouth. His forehead had wrinkles.
              -You are so sensitive! I can eat it without any wrinkles,-I shoved my tongue out.
              -Chincha? Show me,-he gave me a bit and watched me closely. But I was a pro and ate it smiling.
              -Whoa!!! How can you do this?-he clapped his hands like a kid.
              -I like such staff.
              -So do you drink acid instead of coffee?
              -Yeah, every morning,-I replied,-here, try this,-I fed him with the cream I was making.
              -Mmmm, it’s good, but you taste better.
              I blushed again.
              He took a bit of cream with his finger and sucked it. And I couldn’t help, but watch this tempting view.
              -Do you want to try it?-he asked and took a bit of cream with finger again. I let his finger come into my mouth and sucked the cream away. He was staring at me.
              -Say it,-I punched him.
              -You should suck my fingers more often.
              I burst out of laughter again.
              Then finally we took our pie from the oven and placed the whole cream on it.
              -How we’ll call it?
              -Call what?-I asked.
              -Our pie!
              -Does he need a name?-I laughed.
              -Sure! It’s like…our first kid.
              -So are you looking forward to our other upcoming kids?-I joked.
              -I would like to have two at least. The girl should look like you and boy like me.
              -I think it should be otherwise, the boy should look like me and girl like you,-I laughed, but he was talking serious this time.
              -Come on, do you have a name?
              -Lets call it Junior.
              -Why Junior?
              -Well isn’t it our first child? Besides if he would have a name of yours I would mix up between the two of you so we still would have to call him junior.
              -You thought about it well, okay, dear Junior, let’s enjoy our meal then!
              He took the pie and went to the living room.
              We were having fun and laughed a lot all the evening. I knew that this will end soon because the sky was already black.
              -Do you have many events this week?-I asked him.
              -The same as always…but you could come to my hotel behind the SM entertainment building. We are there already at about 9pm. But this is too late for a student, so I guess you should sleep.
              -No! I’ll come!
              -Chincha? Then let’s do a promise,-he took my small finger with his then pressed his thumb to mine,-now touch my palm,-and we did.
              -So this is a promise?
              -Yeah! Isn’t it cool?
              I already wanted to let out ‘pfff’ but he pressed his lips to mine.
              -This is for confirmation,-he chuckled.
              We started kissing as he gently pushed me to the ground.
              I could feel his every touch on my body. His sweet kisses lying down on my neck one by one.
              I never had touched I guy before, but right now, I wanted to feel him, and I wanted to please him…
              I started exploring his chest giving him small pecks.
              Do I have to add that he had muscles and was handsome as hell?
              His heart was beating fast. I pressed my ear to his chest because I wanted to memorize this beautiful sound…
              -I can hear you, - I whispered,-You’re beautiful.
              He didn’t say anything, but I could feel his eyes on me. He touched my hair and then lifted my chin.
              -It’s you who makes me like this, who makes my heart race…
              He licked my bottom lip and I let his tongue into my mouth.
              Strong hands grabbed my butt and lifted me up. I was sitting on him now and my t-shirt soon was on the ground. His tongue started circling my nipples and I moaned silently.
              I stroked his back and undressed him while he was giving me pleasure on my front.
              Maybe I was mistaken to not have a guy earlier, because at least in some way, they could make you feel good. I guess it’s a perfect description of the way he was making me feel.
              His fingers were sliding down my belly and I knew where he was heading to…
              I trembled because of his touch, but he didn’t stop.
              A pair of dark deep eyes looked right into me. And I wanted him, I wanted him so badly.
              He didn’t look away and rubbed his fingers on my sensitive spot. I could feel Goosebumps on my skin and the thrill was over coming all my body. Suddenly he slided in his finger into me.
              I moaned louder this time and he was still watching me closely.
              Then I felt the second finger coming in deeper. And he came harder on me.
              -Changmin-ah,-I gasped.
              I didn’t know if I should give myself to him completely and follow the pleasure. It would be my first time, and I was still virgin, so I didn’t wanted to give up this easily to the guy I’m meeting just for second time.
              He was already moving my jeans and panties away with his free hand.
              Now he saw me all.
              It wasn’t embarrassing, even if the torch was enlightening my body a little bit, moreover he was examining me by inch.
              I unzipped his pants and moved them away as the first day I met him. Of course I was curious how he looked without underwear. But I was hesitating.
              -You know you’re free to do whatever you want,-he whispered in to my ear.
              I slided his underwear down and there he was, just like God had made him.
              I kissed his belly, and his muscles strained. I knew he’ll like it and I wanted to make it up to him so I kissed lower and lower until I could feel his already hard member. He started to stroke my hair as a sign to continue. And I did. At first I licked the tip of him. But this wasn’t enough. I licked more and more until my mouth wrapped around his little friend.
              Do not get me wrong little is just a saying, because believe me in reality the word little would be the last thing you could think of to describe it.
              He started to moan as I sucked harder. I knew that he was already really exited and might come every minute. But I didn’t stop.
              -Ah…Alex…I …I’m going to come,-he gasped again.
              I never minded that, and actually, after few second I felt him in my mouth, I swallowed it with one gulp.
              He was breathing hard while he looked at me. We lied on the bed and watched each other.
              -Come,-he whispered.
              I lied down on top of him with all my weight, but it didn’t bother him, he just hugged me tightly and pressed me even closer to himself. We were lying down like this, listening to each other heart beat. If I could be able to choose the last thing I want to hear, it certainly would be this warm heart, this soft rhythm that hypnotized my senses.
              As his breathing was slowly calming down, I looked up and saw him dozing off.
              -Goodnight, my sweet prince,-I whispered,-I’ll dream this moment. This wonderful moment… -my eyes closed and I finally could fell asleep calmly.


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                Chapter 8 : Pleasure

                The heavenly morning came up sharing its brightness; my eyes opened and the first thing I saw right next to me were Changmin’s smile, his messy hair and closed eyes. He looked like an angel curled up in sheets…I kissed his forehead. I can not say if this was real or not, but every moment here with him caused me to feel butterflies spreading through my whole body. This feeling was so warm and I wasn’t feeling like a cold rock, a miserable shadow or whatever you want to call it. Even if he didn’t said it, I felt needed and loved…And it gave me strength; after every his call or message I could run a marathon, work, study and do it with excite, not because I needed to pay for rent or get the degree.
                Changmin why are you like this? Why you made me to fall for you?
                Right now I can not imagine my mornings without you, cooking without you, living without you…

                -Are you wondering somewhere again?-he opened his eyes and chuckled,-Good morning my sunshine,-and I received the sweetest kiss ever.
                -Hi…how was your sleep?-I smiled.
                -Have you ever been in heaven? The feeling is quite similar…something between dreaming and having delicious dinner.
                - Well I don’t really get that, but I know the meaning of heaven, and it’s because of you,-I kissed him back.
                We hugged each other and our naked bodies were so close again…
                My fingers started playing with his hair.
                -You do not say what you are thinking about constantly,-he said while kissing my shoulder.
                -It’s about you. My every thought is about you, - I said honestly.
                He looked at my eyes trying to figure out if it’s true or not.
                -Why? Why do you feel so special about me? I’m not a good person that deserved you.
                -It’s the other way. I’m the one who can not offer you nothing more than myself…and that’s not much, not enough for you, because you deserved more, you deserved to have the best person in this world, who can bring happiness to you, who can make a delicious meal and support you…And I don’t know how to do those things…I was surprised that you let me stay with you and I still am, but ever since that day I met you, I can feel peace and happiness. I am able to smile sincerely after hundreds of years; to sleep calmly and not wake up from nightmares…Every time I hear my cell phone beeping I hope it’s you. And now, when I look into your I eyes, I know it’s just a dream that will fade away soon, because it’s too good to be real. It’s just like a fairytale.
                -Even if it is a fairytale it’s our story. And I’ll make you believe it, because the only person I need is you.
                And it was enough for me. Enough to melt my heart. Enough to make butterflies spread their wings and fly all over my body.
                We started kissing passionately. I couldn’t breathe but I didn’t care. I wanted to feel him, to be as close as possible…
                Every inch of my skin: my fingers, hands, eyes, stomach, chest, legs were touched by his lips.
                I pleaded for more because I knew I will never get enough of him.
                Then he slided his fingers into my already wet place. And my body trembled of satisfaction.
                After few moments he took out his fingers and licked them; I know he could taste me on them and this was turning us on even more.
                He took my legs and landed on top of me. Then slowly his member came into me and I gasped while holding on to his shoulders. He dragged my legs closer and shove in his hard cock even more.
                I didn’t wanted to scream and wake up neighbors, but screw them, I never felt better before.
                And with my every moan he struggled harder until he was all in.
                -Changmin,-I gasped,-Changmin-ah!
                As I screamed his name he started to move harder and faster.
                The bed was shaking when we both finally came out and moaned at the same time because of the pleasure.
                Then I felt weak and I didn’t have strength to move, I guess he was the same since he fell on the bed and wrapped his arms around me.
                We laid breathing hard and inhaling each others scent.
                It seemed that everything stopped and earth wasn’t circling around, but after some time, which I guess was probably an hour, his kissed me and went to make breakfast.
                As I was alone I couldn’t help but chuckle since I knew that my first time was with the person I love.


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                  Chapter 9 : The truth

                  Water drops were falling down on my skin and as all sweat washed away I could feel the freshness again. I saw my reflection in the mirror and my neck had blue spots. I touched them and it hurted a bit, but when I thought that they where caused by Changmin, my reflection was already smiling.
                  I dressed with my clothes, washed my face again and left the bathroom, which I decided to borrow while Changmin worked in the kitchen.
                  I walked into his room again, earlier I never had a chance to look around more closely, but right now, when I was alone I could notice more details.
                  Outside his window a small windmill was spinning and jingling its bells.
                  And right in front of me a photograph was hanging on the wall .Everyone was smiling and laughing. I could recognize still a bit childish Changmin, without such masculine and manly figure he looked so innocently blowing his birthday candles from the cake. Near him DBSK guys were standing and clapping with their hands. I guess other people, gazing with their loving eyes at them, were their family.
                  Somehow I wanted to imagine myself in the picture too. Saying happy birthday to him…
                  There were so many things we hadn’t done yet. We never did ride bicycles in the park, nor we eat ice cream at the beach… I never saw his friends and family and we still didn’t confess our feelings to each other…
                  I looked around again and decided to help him with breakfast, even if I wasn’t a big assistance, I still wanted to at least be with him.
                  But as I opened the door my moves froze instantly, because I could hear voices from the kitchen. I leaned closer to the door and listened. I knew this wasn’t impolite and wrong, but I was too curious, what if he was speaking about me?
                  -I said I’m busy; can we go some other time? - Changmin asked.
                  -With what you’re busy? Eating breakfast? You can’t cook anyway, we can go to restaurant. You promised you’ll come…
                  And I recognized this voice; it was the same as back then in café. It was Junsu.
                  -Are you hiding something from me?-he asked.
                  There was a pause and a deep sigh after.
                  -I have a girl in my room,-Changmin said.
                  -Woah!!! How come? Do I know her?
                  -Yes... Alex, the girl from café, who was a waiter… you remember?
                  -You’re kidding me! I can’t believe you really did this! Was she good? Chincha, Changmin, I thought you forgot those bet. But you knocked her, you really did! Then I guess I have to keep my word… a dinner at the best restaurant in Seoul, my treat, wasn’t that what you wanted?
                  -Yeah, actually she was… but look, Junsu about that dinner…
                  -You know you’ll have to show me now, how you hook girls that easily!-he laughed.

                  My knees were trembling as I was looking into Changmin’s eyes; he turned to me with open jaw and completely lost. I couldn’t believe this, this isn’t happening…
                  -So all this was just a bet to you?! Just a ************** bet to knock me?!-I shouted.
                  -Alex,listen... I …
                  -Shut up! Shut up! Tell me if its truth or not, you were betting with him? -I pointed at Junsu.
                  -I can explain…
                  - Did you had a bet with him and its purpose was to f**** me? Yes or No?!

                  And there it was. At this one word my whole world crushed on me. I couldn’t stand because I knew I would fall on the ground so I ran, I ran as fast as I could with my bare feet not knowing where they’ll lead me.


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                    Chapter 10 : Drowning the memories

                    Why did I end up falling for you?
                    No matter how much time has passed,
                    I thought that you would always be here
                    But you have chosen a different road

                    Why wasn't I able to convey to you?
                    My feelings that were growing everyday and night
                    The words begin to overflow
                    But I know they won't reach you now

                    From the first day that I met you
                    I felt like I knew you
                    And the two of us melded together so naturally

                    Wherever we would go, it would be together
                    It was so natural for you to be with me
                    We became adults together
                    But you chose a different road

                    Why did I end up falling for you?
                    No matter how much time has passed,
                    I thought that you would always be here (but not anymore)


                    The last Friday.
                    Is this is how I should describe this feeling? Like there’s no tomorrow. No hope left to the other day. And the most ironic part was that we met the same day as we parted. Friday.
                    I didn’t know how the days passed after. I was unconscious of time. I couldn’t say a word because I was afraid that the lump in my throat will leap and I’ll burst into tears again.
                    I knew from the beginning that it is wrong for me to fall for him, that we had no future and still I was lying to myself, hoping that everything will be okay. Now it’s time to pay the price.
                    All the weekend I simply lied curled up in bed, not moving, not eating, just staring at one spot.
                    Then there was Monday and I had to study and work, but I couldn’t. I knew that everything would remind me of him and I needed to forget to erase every memory, every smile of his, like the time we passed together didn’t exist. But this was too hard. I couldn’t keep this feeling, but I couldn’t throw it away either, because he was still precious to me.
                    After three or four days I jumped from my bed and started to clean my entire apartment as crazy. I realized I had to do something, because my body was already aching from lying in the same position for days. I had to live as nothing ever happened even if I had no clue why or what’s the purpose for keeping my hopeless existence. So the next day I went to work.
                    -Hi, Alex! Where were you all this time?-my colleague Maki asked.
                    -Oh, I had problems with my health…
                    -Eulgia already told us that, but I hoped you’ll come back faster, boss was a bit mad at first, but since it’s your health I guess everything’s okay,-she smiled at me.
                    I remembered the girl with injured boyfriend that I helped back then. This time you saved me, Eulgia, I would be already fired.
                    She came into staff room and I thanked her for covering me.
                    -But seriously, what happened to you?
                    -Nothing special…
                    -Is this because of some jerk?
                    -In some way.
                    -I broke up with mine too, you know they are all the same, running after every bitch with shorter skirt then yours…We are having a party with friends tonight, to recover our broken bodies and hearts, you should join, It’s fun to forget everything and loose control from time to time,-she said.
                    I admit I liked the last sentence, even if these kinds of things never suited me.
                    -Okay, you are right, I need to get away from this shit.
                    I didn’t attend classes today either because I decided to work longer and stay with Eulgia that we could go to the party together.
                    When the time came, we drove with her old car through the unfamiliar streets.
                    We stopped by a building which looked like garage or store, I wasn’t sure.
                    We went indoors and I started regretting for coming. The place was full of people I didn’t know they were dancing by loud r’n’b music and drinking.
                    Everyone was watching me and saying hi to Eulgia.
                    -Enjoy yourself, - she said while taking a bottle of vodka,-For booze, sex and fun,-she shouted the toast and drank till the last drop,-go on! What are you waiting for?
                    -If you say so…for freedom then,-I said and swallowed with one shot. My throat started burning and I felt warm flames in my stomach.
                    We drank and danced, and drank again until I couldn’t follow my moves, everything seemed so surreal: lights, music, dancing bodies…my head was dizzy and I don’t know how I reached the room and knocked off on the bed, but when I opened my eyes I saw a guy making out with two girls right beside me. I needed to get out, but my body couldn’t move and I just looked at them as they continued to ******** each other. One of the girls leaned to me and kissed me deeply, she started unbuttoning my dress and I needed all my strength to push her away and get up from the bed. I headed to bathroom because I needed to fresh up. After I washed my face I heard Eulgia shouting my name.
                    -Where were you?
                    -Right here,-I said breathlessly.
                    -Come,-she took me to the rooftop and the first thing I saw was smoke coming from big handmade cigarettes.
                    -Are they smoking weed?-I laughed because my voice seemed so strange.
                    -They have pretty much everything from light shit to deep shit,-she laughed too and we joined the circle.

                    Every evening started to become like this and every morning begun to bring headaches to me.
                    I didn’t cared thought. At first I hoped to forget everything, but actually I just wasn’t thinking. My mind already had a code what to do.
                    Morning: gaining money for rent and parties (even if I was a guest to my own apartment already)
                    Evening: spending the gained money for fun.
                    I’m sure it wasn’t fun at all, but killing my neurons and memory with alcohol was better than pitying myself and grieving for nothing that wasn’t worth it.


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                      Chapter 11 : The leaving

                      Junsu side story

                      As Changmin answered yes, I felt that something wrong is going to happen. The girl ran away soon after that; she seemed hurt a lot, but, hell, what I should do, I thought this was just a plain sex, I didn’t know how Changmin felt about her, but she did have expectations about him.
                      -What the ******** Changmin?
                      He just stared at open door.
                      -You know you hurt her a lot.
                      -Just shut up! Shut up your motherfucking mouth that keeps spreading shit! You screwed up everything!-Changmin yelled at me.
                      -But that was truth, you agreed to it, so don’t ******** around with me now!-I screamed back. What the ******** he was thinking blaming me for the shit he came up by himself.
                      -Oh God…Fuck!-Changmin hit the wall his fist.
                      -What’s going on here? - Hyung came. I guess he was bored already to sit in the car alone.
                      -Changmin just broke up with a girl. End of the story lets go now. Manager is waiting,-I said to both of them. But Changmin didn’t pay any attention and was just holding his head in ‘oh my God what have I done’ pose. And this was already making me sick. How long he knew that waiter; a week?
                      -If you fucked up, you can leave everything like it is or go for her and solve everything. But this is not the right time anyway. We are going to Japan tomorrow. So stand up,-JaeJoong said calmly and left the room.
                      We drove to SM silently all the way. No one was saying anything and I was afraid that if I’ll say a word Changmin will rip me a part. Believe me, he looked…dangerous. Haven’t you seen on TV what hopeless people are up to?
                      I decided to forget my leaving party idea which I was offering at first to Changmin.
                      Usually I was the one who was left or hurt in relationship, so I couldn’t fully understand his feelings, since he was the one who’s at fault. He should feel guilty.
                      We could have almost every girl we wanted and believe me, while I was with hyungs, Changmin wasn’t playing with cards alone at home either. Of course he had many girls; he even had those player skills, like to say nice things at the right time or even cast a spell, that the girl would become addicted to him.
                      Anyway, it’s time for him to loose too.
                      After the meeting atmosphere still wasn’t good.
                      So I tried to joke around with Micky, because he was the only one I could fool around not wondering if it’s okay or not.
                      -Don’t worry Junsu we’ll have that party you want so badly after we come back, it’s not so long to wait,-he rubbed my cheek.
                      -Will you help me? - I was already exited imagining what I should prepare.
                      -Sure, - he smiled widely, - We could do it at ‘Cassiopeia’, then we wouldn’t have to clean everything. And I already know which girls we should invite.
                      -I don’t need them, they’re pissing me of Yoochun-ah, we always have to please them and do different kinds of things they want, but aren’t we the princes?
                      -It’s just you Junsu-ah who is so gentle and good, no one says to treat those whores well… What? Why are you staring at me like that?
                      -Oh, you are a bad boy, Micky, you are a bad boy!-and I pointed at him with my finger while laughing,-Ahhh,- I squealed , because he bit my finger.
                      -I’ll show you how to be a bad boy too, just wait for the party,-Micky smirked and left to take his luggage.


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                        p.s. pamaniau,jog būtų gerai perspėt tuos kurie nesusipažinę su dbsk, nes galite susipainioti tarp veikėjų...
                        just to let you know Jae-JaeJoong-Hero yra tas pats asmuo, taip pat kaip ir Micky-Yoochun or Max-Changmin.
                        Anyway jei turit klausimų visada galit paklausti


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                          Chapter 12 : Birds talk

                          After a couple of days I received a letter from my university. If I would have to tell shortly what it said, one word would be enough. Expelled.
                          The past two weeks I almost didn’t attend classes at all. But still it was a big surprise for me.
                          ‘What should I do now?’-these kinds of thoughts were in my mind. If I am not studying anymore there’s no point to stay here. I never really liked studying, I had no friends there, and teachers looked suspiciously at me. So deep in my heart I wasn’t sad. It’s just I didn’t want to be a looser, which can not do anything on her own. I knew, that my pride wouldn’t let me to go back home without achieving anything. So I decided to wait until my empty head will come up with some ideas.
                          I bended out an airplane from the letter with great news and threw it to trash bin. I don’t know if it’s because I wasn’t born under the lucky star, or I should I say I wasn’t born under the star at all, the plain missed its destination and crashed on the ground.
                          Should I call it disaster?
                          Anyway I left it with no mercy because my sight concentrated on the open window, where a couple of white doves were looking at me.
                          -Do I look that crazy...? Don’t bother telling me, I know.
                          I took I slice of bread, which probably was the last eatable thing in my room, and crumbled it up.
                          -Here,-I stretched my palm to them,-why aren’t you pecking?-they mumbled in a language I don’t speak, so I just scattered bread-crumbs by a window and watched them eating.
                          -So how’s life up there? It should be better then here I guess. You can watch every fool’s life from high above and then know you wouldn’t do this or that. It would be enough for me. Just to fly around wondering and watching others. But it doesn’t sound fun to you, right?
                          Then someone’s knocks on my door interrupted my madman ravings and I headed to the door.
                          I didn’t enjoy guests, not to mention surprises. So I hoped to open the door and found nothing, but there was Eulgia standing with her messy hair and crazy smile.
                          -Hi! I just thought that since it’s already weekend we should do something. What? Aren’t you going to invite me in?
                          -Oh, yeah, come in…my fridge is empty, but other than that you can feel free as at home.
                          Windowsill was already empty and I was a bit disappointed, since at this time doves seemed a better company for me.
                          -Somehow you seem more lively than yesterday, what happened?-I asked her even I if I wasn’t really interested.
                          -Well you remember after that party I said I’ll go home alone…? But actually, there was this guy, who offered to drive me home.
                          -And did he drive you home safely?
                          -Well, actually, we kind of stayed in his car for the rest of the night,-she chuckled.
                          -But didn’t you just say that men are pigs and all that?-I asked even if I wasn’t surprised by her behavior.
                          -Mostly off them are, but he was really nice and asked me on a date tonight.
                          -Don’t tell me you’re going,-I said.
                          -Well I am, and I wanted to ask you to go together… his friend is staying at his place now, and… uh, the both of them are single, so he thought it’s better to take him together and he also asked me to bring a friend. And you’re single too, besides it’s better for you to divert yourself.
                          - I know what’s better for me and I’m not going. No way. How could you even think I could go somewhere with the jerk I don’t even know!
                          -You can get to know him, besides he’s really hot! Never in my life had I met such guy! He smiles perfectly and he says nice things and sure his great at ************** also, I bet he’s rich too, since his car was a new BMW.
                          -I don’t care really, Eulgia, it’s enough partying for me, I got expelled from university today, and I need to get a hold on my self already. Haven’t you heard about responsibility?
                          -Then will you feel more responsible being at home all the time?
                          -Yeah, yes I will, that’s exactly what I’m saying.
                          -Come on, Alex, you owe me; I already promised to bring a friend…
                          -So am I the only your friend?
                          She nodded and I felt sorry for her. She wasn’t smart and maybe she had nothing more than a feminine looks, so I couldn’t feel really connected to her, maybe I didn’t even thought she’s my friend. But now I saw other side of her, a lonely side, and it made me to pity her.
                          -I’ll go if you’ll promise this is the last time you drag me into this kind of nonsense.
                          -You have my word! –Her voice became brighter and she hugged me,-But you can not go with jeans and sneakers…They really seem high level so we should prepare, I brought you dress and high heels…here.
                          She gave me a small white cocktail dress and matched color high heels.
                          -But from where did you know I’ll agree to go?
                          -I didn’t but you’re too good to make other people sad, - she smiled.
                          -Okay, I’m going to get dressed then, - I said looking at high heels and hoping to stay alive after this evening.
                          -Sure, I’ll help you with make up!
                          Somehow I had a bad feeling about this. First crashing plane, than this date and high heels. Really, it doesn’t sound good at all. But to think of it, what does then?


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                            Chapter 13 : Waking up

                            Shadows were sliding down the buildings and disappearing from time to time when cars were passing and illuminating them. The dark alley looked creepy and my skin had Goosebumps.
                            I was scolding myself in my mind for everything.
                            Maybe if I wouldn’t applied for that scholarship I wouldn’t have had to go through all these stupid things: to wash piles of dishes with my already plankton looking hands at café, to study the subject I never admired, to meet the man of my life and to get dumped by him…and now to feel lost, scared and not needed in this huge and lonely world.
                            I tried to think that the life at my hometown was better, because I needed to have a shelter.
                            But I doubt it was like that.
                            After my parents divorced, everything changed. My mother had no money and she worked a lot until she found older guy with more perspectives in life. I never saw my father again, and the last memory I have of him was at court. I pleaded him to take me with him no matter where he was going, but his car drove away and I was left crying on the street, watching him slowly disappearing from my life. I tried to live one week with grandmother, then with aunt and other relatives, because I wanted to avoid the stranger at my house, and the new life I could not get used to.
                            But no one really cared that we, my brother and me, were lost children with no place to truly call home. That’s why we were so close, because we had nothing more than each other to rely on. How could I forget how our days passed together playing just with plain imagination, thinking we were pirates wondering through the oceans and hiding our gold; our days when we stole food from the markets and eat it under the bridge; and nights, when we watched the starry sky, whishing for our dreams to come true…
                            Yes, I had dreams, I wanted to sing. To sing for people and make them calm and happy as I was making my brother after singing him a lullaby before sleep.
                            Smile turned up on my face. I was missing him. I was missing the time when I felt free like back then. Somehow forgetting everything that’s important, giving in and lastly drinking made me hallow and I was mad at my self even more. How could I act like this? How I could be that selfish and forgot that there’s something more in life than living for your self, for money, fun or even love. But I screwed up even there. I never believed in love, and even if I would, love should be a nice and warm thing to remember. But I tried to erase it instead of remembering with nostalgia. Moreover, I could see more clearly now, that Changmin never actually left me. Yes, he had that bet, but he told me about it, he just lied the part about what they were about. And I didn’t even let him to explain.
                            I started to regret everything.
                            How could I be so wrong?
                            Then I took my cell phone, which seemed not used for years, and saw a few calls from my brother and mother, and twenty nine calls from Changmin…Maybe he really did care…

                            -Hey are you sleeping! We are already here!-Eulgia shouted into my ear.
                            -I need to go home,-I said,-I need to go.
                            -No way, they are already coming, look!
                            And I saw ‘Cassiopeia’ club before my eyes and two men walking towards us with self confident expression, with faces that I already knew…


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                              Like omg, gal naudokim spoilers??